Floor Care

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaners

Genlabs offers products for almost any kind of carpet and upholstery! We even have products to help fight tanic acid stains, protein stains, foam build up, carpet odors, paint, oil and grease!

Floor Finishes

Want to impress your customers and clients with a brilliant, shiny floor? Look no further! Genlabs offers floor finishes with slip resistance, high gloss and ultra durability.

Floor Sealers

Now that your floor is amazingly shiny, seal it with one of our durable sealers to keep it looking beautiful for longer!

Floor Strippers

Strip your old, dull wax off of your floors to get it ready for one of our amazing Floor Finishes and Floor Sealers

High Speed Floor Care

Use these products to help your high speed floor care system work even better.

Spray Buff Maintainers

Buff and polish your finished floor with these products