Surface Cleaners

Bathroom Cleaners

Our full range of bathroom cleaners will help you clean every surface in the bathroom, including porcelain, tile, toilet bowls, shower stalls and sinks.


Products to help get rid of grease, oils, odors and more.

Germicidal Cleaners

Genlabs offers a full line of EPA approved Disinfectants, Cleaners, Sanitizers and Quat Rinses approved for use in food processing facilities, hospitals, nursing homes, and even kennels.

Kitchen Cleaners

Need a hand in the kitchen? Genlabs offers some great oven cleaners, freezer cleaners, hand dish wash detergent, concentrated hand soaps and drain maintainers.


A few products to help you with your dust mops, vehicles and aluminum.

Pine Cleaners

Use the power of pine oil to help you clean and deodorize any job, no matter how dirty it may be!

Window Cleaners

Need help getting rid of streaky bathroom mirros, dirty display cases or water-stained windows? Look no further!