All Purpose Cleaner Concentrate

The all-purpose cleaner with that extra punch to remove stubborn soils. This product has a multitude of uses from mopping floors to cleaning ceilings. Excellent for damp mopping prior to applying floor finish.

Neutral Cleaner pH7

This is the floor cleaner you have been asking for. This is a totally safe all-purpose cleaner for most surfaces. Extra mild on hands and film free on floors. The low pH guarantees your floor tiles won’t be damaged by harsh alkalis.

Miracle Concentrated All-Purpose Cleaner

A highly concentrated and pleasant fragranced, all-purpose cleaner. Dilute from 1/4 oz. to 2 oz. per gallon, depending on the job. It will even clean mirrors without streaking. Miracle leaves your room with a just-cleaned fresh fragrance.

Lemon Clean No Rinse Cleaner

The latest development in a time-saving neutral pH product for cleaning and brightening any hard, glossy surface such as floors, tile, enamel painted walls, porcelain, etc. Optical brighteners substantially enhance the beauty of the surface. No rinsing required.

Citrus Multi-“Per”-Pose Cleaner

A recent innovation in cleaning and deodorizing utilizing Inhibine as its active ingredient. This product will go right to the source where mal odors generate. Excellent for all hard surfaces including grout and carpets. Biodegradable.

Lavender All Purpose Cleaner

Lavender All Purpose Cleaner is a powerful concentrated cleaner that removes surface dirt and surface soil from any surface. Besides eliminating the need for rinsing, it also deodorizes, leaving a pleasant lasting lavender aroma behind. It is truly a pleasure to work with. When you follow the dilution instruction you can use it on most hard surfaces like concrete, terrazzo, brick, quarry tile, ceramic tile, vinyl tile, slate and marble, enamel, painted walls, porcelain, chrome, etc. It leaves clean shiny appearance on the surface.