Genlabs is an industry leader in formulating, blending and packaging chemical products. We can help you with formulating your own unique product or branding any of our large selection of products with your company’s logo.

Packaging & Chemical Sourcing

Our purchasing department has over 40 years experience and established relationships in working with chemical and packaging vendors to provide innovative packaging and competitive pricing.

Formulating & Lab Services

Genlabs has a large staff of formulators and lab technicians that are knowledgeable in formulating a wide range of janitorial and specialty chemicals. This staff is also responsible for extensive Q.C. testing of everything produced at Genlabs.

Filling and Labeling

With four high-speed filling lines in California and three in Mississippi we can accommodate the filling of container sizes ranging from 2 oz. to 2.5 gallon. We also fill 5 gallon and 55 gallon size containers.


Full Product Lines. Private Labeling, Filling and Packaging. Formulating and Lab Services. Packaging and Chemical Sourcing.


Genlabs is a full service chemical blending and packaging company in business since 1973. Genlabs has been helping businesses succeed for over 40 years, nationwide. We have two production plants conveniently located to reduce shipping times and expenses while maximizing production efficiency.

Our headquarters in Chino, California has 160,000 square feet of production capacity. Our expansion facility in Olive Branch Mississippi has over 100,000 square feet of production capacity.

Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner

Certi Green

Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner is a unique hard surface cleaner that combines innovative chemistry and application specific bacteria. This product contains an effective blend of bacillus organisms for accelerated degradation of organic material that builds up on hard surfaces over time. The bacteria have been selected for their ability to degrade organic compounds such as grease, fats, proteins, starch and sugars.

Continued use of Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner in residential, institutional and industrial applications provides a safe and efficient way of cleaning, deodorizing, and removing stains on hard surfaces. This product also contains surfactant and chelating package to ensure highly effective cleaning.

The spray on solution of Finally Probiotic Hard Surface Cleaner – Ready to Use (064151232) cleans a wide variety of Hard Surfaces such as kitchen counters, sinks, tile, appliances, brick, concrete, glass, aluminum, garbage cans, etc.

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