Spray and Wipe Cleaner Degreaser

A fast acting liquid cleaner that attacks grease and dirt with ease. It dissolves all types of dirt and is safe to use on all types of hard surfaces. Contains 2-butoxy ethanol.

Heavy Duty Degreaser

A powerful degreaser that digs in to dissolve greasy, oily soils with amazing speed. A real must for cleaning up around machine shops, garages and service stations. Contains 2-butoxy ethanol.

Power Mite

One of the strongest degreasers in the Genlabs’ product line. This high-powered product will clean through to the bare surface no matter how much dirt there is. Give this your toughest test – it will pass.

Super Heavy Duty Degreaser

A product that attacks petroleum based dirt problems. A special mixture of oil attacking solvents bite into the grime with ease. Emulsifies dirt and grease particles. Holds particles in suspension enabling easy pick-up with a mop.

Non-Butyl Emulsifying Degreaser & Cleaner

At last, a powerful degreaser that contains no butyl. Excellent for use in pressure washers. This unique product holds the grease and oil in suspension to lift it off surfaces. Emulsification at its best.

Cleaner / Degreaser 30

This product contains our highest concentration of butyl. It will out clean any other product in its class. Made to destroy any dirt or grease that gets in its way. Excellent for steam cleaners and auto scrubbers. Low sudsing.

Heavy Duty Non-Butyl Degreaser

A tough non-butyl degreaser for tough jobs. Cuts through dirt with ease and saves valuable time. Safe to use on almost any hard surface.

Double Duty Degreaser

This product lifts and penetrates like a butyl degreaser and suspends and emulsifies like a non-butyl degreaser. The very best of both cleaners in one fantastic product.

Power Foam Super Foaming Cleaner Degreaser

A self-foaming cleaner degreaser specially formulated to instantaneously create foam on vertical surfaces. Ready to use, simple spray on. Foam is instantly generated. Wipe away all soils. Requires foam sprayer.

Citrus Solvent Degreaser

This product is a biodegradable neutral pH cleaner/degreaser. The pleasant citrus fragrance deodorizes as it emulsifies oils and grease. This product is safe to use; it replaces glycol ethers with very low toxicity. Can also be used as a chewing gum remover.

Citrus Alkaline Degreaser

A high-powered citrus based degreaser that cleans the grease off fast. The great citrus fragrance makes this product enjoyable to work around. This product can take on the toughest dirt.