Hand Soaps

Elegante Hand Soap Free & Clear

Elegante Free and Clear Hand Soap has extra skin softening agents to provide special treatment for the skin. This Free and Clear Hand Soap is clear and will leave behind no fragrance.
Contains aloe vera.

Coco Hand Soap

A mildly scented hand soap formulated for removing stubborn soils. Mild on the hands, yet it does the job. Use where a good quality hand soap is needed. Contains lanolin.

Pink Lotion Hand Soap

This hand soap has extra skin softening agents to provide special treatment for the skin. Pink Handsoap appeals to all the senses while it gently removes grease and grime. Use when that extra touch of luxury is important. Contains lanolin.

Super Hand and Body Shampoo

This product was made for the whole body – not just the hands. Excellent for use in racquetball clubs and other health club facilities. High foaming and mild to use.

Lemon Lotion Hand Soap

One of three “very elegant” handsoaps in our ‘Tres Elegante!’ line, available in pump dispensers. All three products contain skin softeners to leave your hands feeling soft and supple. Lemon Lotion is yellow with a crisp lemon scent.

Rose Dew Hand Soap

The rose scented hand soap in our ‘Tres Elgante!’ line. This product is pearl pink in color.

Coconut Hand Soap

ThiS white hand soap in our ‘Tres Elegante!’ line. This product has a rich coconut scent.

White Lanolin Hand Soap

White lanolin Hand Soap is formulated to produce a rich, luxurious lather that will deep cleanse the pores of the skin while providing smooth moisturized skin like a hand lotion. It contains lanolin.

Economy Pink Hand Soap

This rich creamy hand soap conditions and protects the hands with regular use. Gentle and mild to the hands, yet it really cleans.

Pina Colada Hand Soap

A pleasant scented, cost effective hand soap. Can be used as a total body cleanser. Mild to use, high foaming and opaque yellow in color

Strike Bac® Antibacterial Hand Soap

Kills germs on contact and will remove bacteria from hands. This product has a pleasant fragrance and is mild on the hands. Biodegradable.