Window Cleaners

Ready to Use Glass Cleaner

This glass cleaner is simple to use – just spray on and wipe off. It will leave your windows sparkling clean and film free. Pleasant blue color and mild fragrance add to its appeal. Has special grease cutting agents in it to remove any oily films that may be on the glass. Will not streak.

Concentrated Glass Cleaner 60:1

A product similar to #2060 but a gallon of this super concentrated window cleaner will make 60 gallons of ready-to-use product. Simply dilute with water and mix.

Squeegee Window Cleaner

This remarkably concentrated window cleaner is easy to use. For use with a brush and squeegee. Simply place one capful into a bucket of water and this special mixture will lubricate your squeegee and windows to remove the toughest film and dirt.

Ready to Use Glass Cleaner with Ammonia

A rugged glass cleaner built to handle the toughest jobs. The special formula is designed to cut through dirt and grime and leave the window sparkling clean. Do not use on tinted windows.

Plexiglass Cleaner

Plexiglass Cleaner is an economical easy-to-use PVC cleaner and polish specially formulated with ecofriendly ingredients to remove soil decontamination and keep surfaces clean.