Spray Buff Maintainers

High Speed Spray Buff

A spray buffing material designed to glide over the finish while polishing to a high gloss. In addition, you will find that this product has excellent cleaning properties. When used with a high-speed pad and machine, your floors take on a wet-like appearance.

Heavy Duty Spray Buff Maintainer

Difficult spray buffing is a thing of the past! This futuristic blend of chemicals makes spray buffing a breeze. A high gloss can be obtained from just about any finish.

Thermal Plus High Speed Restorer

The Ultimate Restorer & Top Coat. It has double the gloss and double the durability of the finish you are using. Adds extra slip resistance to a problem floor or just to keep your current finish as safe as you possibly can.

High Solids Restorer

A restorer that does more for the money. More gloss, more durability, more scratch filling and more economical to use. Just dilute with water, mop it down and let it dry. This product will turn almost any product on your floor into a high-speed floor finish. Excellent to use on the “fast floors” that needs tightening up.