Protects All

This truly amazing product cleans and protects vinyl, rubber and leather surfaces. Old vinyl takes on a shiny, “like new” appearance because Protects All actually rejuvenates the surface. Excellent for use on tires, car seats and many other surfaces. Produces a high sheen on surfaces.

Lemon Oil Furniture Polish

This is a polish for your oak furniture and other fine woods. It replenishes the moisture and puts it back into the wood to give it a new life from within. A little lemon oil brings the shine back to fine woods and lets the grain show through beautifully. Meets California V.O.C. requirements.

Silicone Furniture Polish

This polish is designed for wood, formica and veneer type furniture. Spray it on with a trigger sprayer, wipe with a cloth and a fine sheen will develop. Furniture and other surfaces will take on a shiny- like new appearance.

Spray ‘N Polish: Formica & Metal

Designed to clean formica and metal surfaces. Easy to use, just spray on and wipe off. Cleans and shines in one operation.

Stainless Steel Polish

This oil based stainless steel polish has the amazing ability to cut through the grease and grime found in large kitchens and leave the surface shiny clean. This product protects the stainless steel from the environment and keeps water from penetrating to prevent even the slightest rust from developing.